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Lake Stewardship Plan

This brief note will serve as an introduction to the three documents posted below. We have made considerable progress towards the preparation of the lake stewardship plan now with a State of the Lakes Report largely completed. The three documents are as follows:
  • The full State of the Lakes Report: This is a lengthy (87 pages) and detailed compilation of all information that we have been able to gather on the two lakes and their immediate surroundings. If you want to obtain a full picture of the characteristics of the lakes and the history of the area, I invite you to read this full report.   LINK: State of the Lake Report 
  • A full list of recommendations that flow out of the State of the Lakes Report that will be considered when we prepare the lake plan itself: These recommendations really are the heart of the matter, so to speak. If all you read is the recommendations and provide us with comments, you will be doing us a great service. LINK: Recommendations
  • A summary of the report and recommendations: This will provide you with a broad overview of both. LINK: Summaries
We want to hear from you. Do you have any more information to further improve the State of the Lakes Report? Do you agree with the Recommendations? Are there any that you feel should be dropped? Are we missing anything? I would welcome an email; [email protected] or phone call; 613-861-9401 if you have feedback for us. Manuel Stevens, on behalf of the DCLA Board of Directors and Planning Committee