Become a volunteer

The DCLA is an active association with many events and initiatives underway. Being a volunteer is important to the success of the association. You can volunteer at an event, become part of a committee, think of ideas for fundraising or take on a project behind the scenes. Every member can be a volunteer in a way that works for you!

Committee Work:

Water Quality Committee
water sampling, advocacy, research and education
Membership & Social Committee
surveys, activities, events, retention and recruitment of members
Fundraising Committee
fundraising, applying for grants, developing ideas
Wildlife Committee
research, education and initiatives to support species at risk

We hope you will consider joining one of our teams! Contact Kari Galasso at [email protected] for more information.

Immediate Volunteer Opportunities:

Fundraising Volunteer
The DCLA is currently looking for a dynamic, experienced fundraiser to develop and implement a diverse fundraising strategy, to strengthen our long term financial goals and to assist with immediate fundraising for the Lake Health Action Plan.
DCLA Road Steward
This concept is currently being developed and would eventually have each of the lanes and roads around the lakes have a Steward to welcome new residents, answer questions, promote events and generate interest in their community.
Responsibilities include working as part of a team to gather articles, suggest article topics, edit and design creative layouts. Presently, we have one newsletter per year with an objective of eventually writing quarterly newsletters.
Local Business Resource
The Association maintains an informal list of businesses on our website. This position would manage the list in order to make sure it is accurate and relevant. Ideally, the list would be refreshed on a quarterly basis.
Content Creator
Our website needs content for our pages related to hiking, fishing, and boating in the area. We require people interested in any of these activities to write articles that can be posted to our website and shared with the community.

March 2021