We are an association of permanent and seasonal residents as well as occasional users and supporters of Dog and Cranberry Lakes who are passionate about our lakes, the surrounding areas and all they have to offer. We are an active group that is focused on issues that are important to our members and to our lakes. We liaise with other lake associations and work with government organizations to accomplish the mission and goals of the association. We organize community, social and educational events and we publish an annual newsletter.  

Our core values include; environmental care, respect for wildlife, marine safety, creating community, sustainable fishing, family fun, and success for our local businesses.

Our goals are to promote:

  • the conservation of water, fish, wildlife and the natural beauty and advantages of the area
  • water quality and a healthy habitat for a wide diversity of native species
  • an environment that can provide good fishing, safe boating and the enjoyment of other outdoor sports and recreation

Join the Dog and Cranberry Lakes Association today to become part of this vibrant community and support the important work we are doing!