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We are a group of permanent and seasonal residents as well as visitors to Dog and Cranberry Lakes.
We are an active association, focused on issues that are important to our members and to our lakes.
We liaise with other lake associations and work with government organizations to fulfill our purpose.
We organize community, social and educational events and publish an annual newsletter.  

The purpose of the corporation is to establish and operate a community association to promote the stewardship of Dog and Cranberry Lakes and the surrounding environment by:

  • Creating a sense of community in which we can socialize and learn together.
  • Engaging our members in environmental conservation initiatives.
  • Promoting and carrying out research into issues connected with the water quality of these lake ecosystems.
  • Working in partnership with other organizations or individuals to link resources, events and opportunities to enhance sustainability.

Join the Dog and Cranberry Lakes Association today to become part of this vibrant community and support the important work we are doing!