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Wildlife Group

The mission of the Wildlife Group is to protect wildlife on Dog and Cranberry Lakes.

Through our efforts, we will:

  • promote wildlife conservation, biodiversity, stewardship and safe boating guidelines
  • connect people with animals through education and conservation
  • ensure places where wildlife can thrive
  • share information about the SAR (Species at Risk) in our community so that we can help with their conservation
Our lakes and forests are the habitat in which wildlife live and they are an integral part of a healthy ecosystem.  Our local ecosystem consists of a community of living organisms (plant, animal, fungi, bacteria and people).  We interact with one another and our physical environment (rocks, sun, soil and water).  Conservation and stewardship of wildlife need to include all of these aspects.

Our mandate is to build on and continue past efforts, while yearly taking on new wildlife conservation endeavours.

November 2021