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Water Quality

The Water Quality Committee was formed to investigate how we can maintain and improve the quality of the water on Dog and Cranberry lakes. To date we are involved in the following:

  • Water testing at three sites for six months over the summer with The Lake Partners Program
  • Liaising with conservation authorities, universities, other lake associations, the township and other bodies concerned with water quality
  • Forming and being part of The Three Lakes Water Quality Committee
  • Being part of the South Frontenac Ecosystem Advisory Committee
  • Joining research projects such as The Blue Lakes Project with The Land Between
  • Providing education for lake residents on best management practices to maintain and improve water quality
  • Working to attain funds for research on the lakes
  • Advocating for best management practices with the lake residents and the township

Our activities are constantly evolving as new research is completed which guides us in the education of our members and the community, and leads us in future directions.