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Strategic Partners

vtncglM5c8qRCsF1.pngThe Cataraqui Conservation Authority (CRCA) has valuable information for anyone planning to work on their waterfront properties or near watercourses, floodplains or wetlands including information regarding permits that may be required from the CRCA or the local municipality.

vtncglM5c8qRCsF1.pngWatersheds Canada - The Natural Edge guides landowners through the process of restoring a natural shoreline. Love Your Lakes assesses the entire shoreline of a lake and provides every landowner with a confidential, personalized property report and recommended actions for improving lake health for people and wildlife.

The Township of South Frontenac implemented a Lake Ecosystem Advisory Committee in 2021. Through this program the township has supported the DCLA in: 
  • compiling a State of the Lakes Report and developing a Lake Plan; 
  • obtaining owner-confidential environmental shoreline assessments for every property on the lakes in collaboration with Watersheds Canada;
  • developing “tools” to locate, monitor and manage invasive species in our watershed in collaboration with the Cataraqui Conservation Authority.