Providing ongoing stewardship of the Lakes and surrounding environment for present and future generations.

Our mission is important! The association engages in many activities that are crucial to the health of our lakes and the surrounding area. In the Fall of 2020, we embarked on the development of a Lake Health Action Plan, read more about this in the News section of this website. If you believe you are adequately informed about this important initiative and would like to make a financial contribution, it is very easy to do so through an e transfer to:  [email protected]

iZuRkdNkOJXC4ppU.jpgIn the meantime, you can take action now. This Lake Protection Workbook, produced by Watersheds Canada, is designed to help you self-assess whether activities on your property are protecting Dog and Cranberry Lakes. Your property and how it is utilized is important to the overall health of our lakes - every action matters.

We are an active group that is focused on issues that are important to our members and to our lakes. We liaise with other lake associations and work with government organizations to accomplish the mission and goals of the association.

We are passionate about our lakes, the surrounding areas and all they have to offer.  We organize community, social and educational events and we publish an annual newsletter.  

Join the Dog and Cranberry Lakes Association today to become part of this vibrant community and support the important work we are doing!