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The DCLA has a long history of publishing an Annual Newsletter in early Summer just prior to the Annual General Meeting.

The newsletter serves as a report on the activities of the organization in meeting its objectives as well as an opportunity to share articles about the culture, people, wildlife and beautiful places that are connected to Dog and Cranberry Lakes.

You will find below the DCLA's archive of the most recent electronic versions of the Newsletters.

2020 has been an interesting year and we will have a lot to write about for the upcoming newsletter! Starting in late January we will be looking for articles, ideas for articles and pictures for our 2021 Newsletter. We will be in touch to request your input. In the meantime if you have a great idea or want to author an article please email [email protected].

Stories of the past are welcome! Do you know of any Dog or Cranberry Lakes historical secrets you want to share? Do you know of a family that has lived or cottaged here for generations? All ideas are welcome!  We have so much to tell you including an update on our Lake Health Action Plan!  Stay tuned!

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