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Native Tree Planting Instructions


Native Tree and Shrub Planting Guide

For the greatest chance of success: Plant shrubs and trees so the root collar rests just above the soil.  Fill the hole with topsoil, tamp as you proceed. Water after installation. Suppress all weed growth by mulching within a yard of the seedling. Water regularly throughout 1st year.  

          IMPORTANT:  If you can’t plant right away ‘heel’ them into soil preferably in shade and plant them ASAP.              
                              Don’t store them in a bucket of water. 



All of our shrubs are suitable for shoreline naturalization. They like moist soil. Most will tolerate dryer sites as well.  

Deciduous/Hardwood Trees

The hardwoods we are offering would like a hole that has been prepared for them, large enough to accommodate the root.  If you can amend your soil with compost that would help.  Consider buying plastic collars to protect the bark from rabbits and mice for a few years. The collars are available at low cost from Home Hardware in Inverary. 

Evergreen/softwood Trees

Cedars in particular can tolerate some dampness, though they make a good hedge anywhere.  


I think that I shall never see
A poem as lovely as a tree.
~From “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer

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