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Membership and Social

The Member Services Committee was formed to provide events and educational opportunities for members and the community, all with our vision in mind.  The committee's 2nd purpose is to attract new people and have them become members of the DCLA. Our aim is to provide value by creating a sense of community; recognizing that our members have a strong interest in learning, coming together and being part of something important.

Our primary purposes are:

  1. To build and maintain our membership of permanent and seasonal residents to welcome new members and to manage all aspects of our membership database.
  2. To organize and coordinate educational opportunities, social events, sale of DCLA items and orchestrate an annual social event that coincides with our AGM.

The Member Services Committee meets monthly and always welcomes new members. There is lots to do!

For the upcoming year (until September 2023), we plan on the following

  • Streamline new member welcome procedure to include welcome package
  • Overhaul website to make it more user friendly and inviting for members and potential members
  • Analyze where our members are on the lakes and use this information to target non-member areas
  • Develop the concept of road ambassadors whereby all the lanes and roads have a dedicated DCLA member who is a resource for their community
  • Coordinate three virtual educational opportunities
  • Coordinate two outdoor winter events; skating and Winterfest; weather permitting
  • Conduct a tree sale & a native plant sale
  • Coordinate an annual social gathering around the AGM in the summer