Lake Health Action Plan

An Opportunity for Action - A Lake Health Action Plan

Our lake association has been presented with a unique opportunity to be a part of an extensive environmental project, one that will give us a chance to identify the causes of the overgrowth of weeds and blue-green algae blooms in our lakes and help develop a strategy to reduce them.

This project is being coordinated by The Land Between, a provincial charitable conservation organization and supported by:

The Land Between has applied for the majority of the funding for this project from a federal Climate Action and Awareness Fund (CAAF). These supporting organizations are making significant financial/in-kind contributions of staff time and expertise, specialized equipment, access to data bases, and grant money.

The involvement of Parks Canada and the CRCA, who govern changes along the Rideau Canal and its shorelines, will ensure that an action plan will be feasible and effective. The involvement of the DCLA will ensure that in-depth water quality research will be focused on our lakes, providing us with the science needed to develop an effective action plan for improving lake water quality.

The cost of the research and an action plan is $46,000 of which the DCLA will need to contribute $6,000. We have started fundraising with the bottle drive, contributions from local businesses and from our members. We look forward to working with all of our members to make this happen!

We welcome and encourage financial contributions from anyone interested in supporting this important initiative.  You can do so by sending an e transfer to:  [email protected]

We have developed a contingency plan should the major grant application be unsuccessful. The money we raise for our part of this project will remain dedicated to environmental improvement projects in and around our lakes.

Daryl Neve
[email protected] 519-386-2003