Lake Health Action Fundraising

The Fundraising Committee was formed in response to an opportunity to take part in a project that would see a Nutrient Budget Study performed on our lakes. We were asked to contribute $6000 of a projected $46 000 budget and have the money available within 3 months time. It became apparent that in order to take advantage of this type of opportunity and have resources to contribute to future projects like this, we would need more revenue than what we get from membership fees. The Fundraising Committee was struck.

Our primary purposes are:

  1. To build and maintain a fund for environmental initiatives that will improve the health of our lakes.
  2. To have money available, on short notice, so that when a need presents itself and other resources are offered to us, such as - ideas, skills, talent, expertise and time from members or outside agencies, materials, a partner organization with a similar agenda/purpose - we can take action to support our lakes’ water quality, shorelines and wildlife.
The Fundraising Committee is relatively new and currently working to meet a specific target. Longer range plans have been discussed at our first three monthly meetings, so we seem determined to continue after January 2021. New members are needed!

Our current projects and tasks include:
  • undertaking a bottle drive;
  • organizing a donation campaign
  • designing and maintaining a spreadsheet record of potential donors with results noted;
  • composing letters of appeal to and approaching businesses, members and other individuals in our community who may be interested in making a donation;
  • publicizing our current opportunities with The Land Between for Water Quality Initiatives on our lakes and the need to fund them;
  • developing other fundraising strategies and timelines