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Love Your Lake Shoreline summaries

Love Your Lake Shoreline Surveys 

This combined effort of Watersheds Canada, the Ontario Wildlife Federation and your DCLA was completed in April, 2023. Below are links to the overall summary reports for each lake.

The shoreline survey results for each individual property have now gone out to every landowner on both lakes, through the confidential access codes that were sent out in the mail. Members have told us that they are very impressed with the quality and amount of valuable information in this on-line package. Please let us know if you have not received your personal ID code in the mail to access your confidential results. 

Click on the lake name read the full report for;

 Dog Lake                          

Cranberry Lake


For more details about the Love Your Lake program in general, see: 


These reports tell us that 77% - 84% of our shorelines are “natural” - the best condition for good lake water quality. If you feel that you could help raise these numbers by “beefing-up” your buffer zone / re-naturalizing your shoreline, the Natural Edge Program can help. Visit: